Newswire: Ron Perlman had to apologize for tweeting about Hellboy III

Professional Hellboy portrayer—and amateur Hellboy enthusiast—Ron Perlman apparently got a little too boisterous in his recent demands for a third film in the apocalyptic franchise. Speaking at a Comic-Con panel for the second season of his Amazon series Hand Of God, the gravel-voiced actor revealed that he’d had to “call studio executives to apologize” after stirring up a modest social media firestorm in support of a potential Hellboy III.

It’s not clear what Perlman felt he needed to say sorry for, exactly, as there haven’t been any reports of pitchfork-wielding fishmen or pancake-proffering protesters gathering in Hollywood to demand the film be put into development. (Especially since Guillermo Del Toro has remained non-committal on whether he’d ever be able to put together the funding to get it made.) Still, some movie executive somewhere got to hear a grumbled mea culpa from the “War never …

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