Newswire: Ron Howard and Apollo 13 writer William Broyles reunite for sci-fi adaptation

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ron Howard will be directing an adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s novel Seveneves, with Apollo 13 writer William Broyles reuniting with Howard to write the script. The book is surprisingly heavy sci-fi for Howard, and it’s set at an unknown future date after the Moon has exploded, putting the Earth in danger of being hammered by Moon bits. The planet’s nations band together and send a bunch of people to space, but humans being humans, they all gradually die off until only a few are left. Then the story jumps ahead 5,000 years to when the “seven distinct races” that descended from those few survivors return to the Earth. Now, Howard’s an accomplished director who has made a bunch of different movies, but that’s pretty far removed from something like In The Heart Of The Sea or Frost/Nixon, so …

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