Newswire: Rolling Stone officially retracts its controversial UVA rape story

Last November, Rolling Stone published an investigative article called “A Rape On Campus,” a horrifying account of a young woman named Jackie’s experience being gang raped at a fraternity party at the University of Virginia. Besides being unsettling simply because it was about gang rape, the article made UVA officials nervous because it made them appear negligent in their handling of the case. It also made some Rolling Stone staff members nervous, because it was based largely on Jackie’s personal account of the rape, an account that was very difficult to corroborate. But Rolling Stone went ahead and published the article anyway, internally citing the importance of believing Jackie’s story—and the stories of rape victims in general—as the reason for its leap of faith.

Days after “A Rape On Campus” was published, media commentators began questioning the methodology behind the story, even as it became …

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