Newswire: Rolling Stone continues to find today’s hottest drug dealers

It’s the fantasy of every teenager who puts on their favorite record and stands in front of a mirror with a hairbrush, then hollows out its handle to store narcotics. First you get together with some friends in the garage and start your own band of drug smugglers. You land a few local gigs, you build up a following, and—with some luck, some perseverance, and some more drugs—one day, you find yourself in Rolling Stone. And the next thing you know, Hollywood comes calling. It’s the classic American dream, and it’s all coming true for Doug Dodd and Lance Barabas, two Florida teens with a little bit of gumption and a whole lot of OxyContin, who just this month landed in the magazine for today’s hippest drug dealers.

Guy Lawson wrote about Dodd and Barabas’ exploits in the current issue of Rolling Stone, and …

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