Newswire: Roland Emmerich responds to Stonewall whitewashing accusations

Independence Day director Roland Emmerich appears to have stumbled into an entirely different sort of disaster movie as LGBT organizations are calling for a boycott of his new film, Stonewall. The reason given for the boycott is Emmerich’s “whitewashing” of the Stonewall story, namely the insertion of a young, white, cis-male protagonist (War Horse‘s Jeremy Irvine) in the place of the drag queens/kings and trans people of color like Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Storme DeLarverie, and Sylvia Rivera who are credited with starting the real-life Stonewall riots on June 28, 1969.

Emmerich—who is openly gay himself—has responded to these criticisms, saying that the film, which he calls “a labor of love,” is actually a heartfelt and deeply respectful tribute to these activists, and that detractors should see the movie before making any judgements:

To be fair to Emmerich, he probably didn’t have final cut over …

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