Newswire: Roland Emmerich intended Stonewall to be a history lesson for straight people, too

When the trailer for Stonewall was released last month, it sparked debates (and boycotts of the film) over the whitewashing of a watershed moment in gay rights history. Roland Emmerich’s latest film appeared to have a white, cis-male protagonist (Jeremy Irvine) front and center on that night in 1969 that led to the first gay rights parades. The director, who is openly gay, addressed those concerns on Facebook, acknowledging the trans people of color and drag queens and kings who were actually there and are credited with starting the Stonewall riots. But he asked audiences to reserve judgment until they’d actually seen his “labor of love” and heartfelt tribute.

Now that Stonewall is about to open in theaters nationwide, BuzzFeed interviewed Emmerich about the film and its late-summer controversy. Among other remarks, Emmerich told the publication he intended for Danny, the corn-fed, gay white guy, to lead the …

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