Newswire: Rocket Raccoon’s secret origins are revealed in new animated shorts

As far as origin stories go, Rocket Raccoon is probably one audiences would actually be interested in watching. The cultish comic book character was a breakout star of last year’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, and the tale of how Rocket Raccoon became Rocket Raccoon hasn’t been told umpteen times. (Seriously, audiences do not need to see another Spider-Man origin story.) And now that the risk of selling moviegoers on the idea of heroic vermin has paid off, Marvel has revealed the secret origins of America’s favorite rodent via two short clips on YouTube.

/Film reported on the short, which features slick digital animation and explains how a feisty baby raccoon became a shit-talking low-rent criminal with suspect hygiene. It’s also revealed how Rocket befriends Groot in a story that’s shades of Han and Chewie, America’s other favorite space criminals. The clips are no doubt …

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