Newswire: Rocket passes through The Colon in this exclusive preview

You can always trust Al Ewing to deliver a compelling take on a superhero concept. He’s been Marvel’s secret weapon for years, and in 2017, he’s done strong work revitalizing both the Inhumans and Rocket Raccoon. Rocket is an especially engaging new Marvel title, teaming Ewing with artist Adam Gorham, colorist Michael Garland, and letterer Jeff Eckleberry for a hard-boiled cosmic crime story has surprising connections to Marvel history. (I was not expecting the return of Technet, and this creative team makes the group of alien bounty hunters compelling and really cool.) Rocket reads like a sci-fi superhero take of Richard Stark’s Parker stories, following a gruff, down-on-his-luck antihero that suffers the consequences of the criminal lifestyle. This connection is reinforced by Ewing’s narration-driven storytelling, which is handled with a deft touch that effectively creates drama and humor while immersing the reader in situations that …

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