Newswire: Robert Kirkman joins team of writers working on future Transformers movies

The Transformers movies have made enough money to buy actual, living Transformers that could be used to destroy humanity, and yet nobody on the planet will actually admit to enjoying them. Statistically, like, 90% of you have to be lying, so it’s about time that we all stop pretending how cool and smart we are and just admit that the Transformers movies—especially the first three, but especially the Mark Wahlberg one—are the best movies that we’ve ever seen. Plus, if we all just decide to start loving them, it’s going to make the rest of our lives a lot easier when Paramount starts dumping out a million sequels and spinoffs.

Thankfully, Paramount is taking steps to make sure those sequels and spinoffs seem a little more appetizing to the discriminating movie goer. According to Deadline, the studio has just finished putting together a “writer’s …

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