Newswire: Rob Reiner’s LBJ movie has found its Jackie Kennedy

Rob Reiner’s LBJ film cast Woody Harrelson as the 36th president early on, then quickly added Richard Jenkins as his adversary and former fictional president Bill Pullman as a liberal Democrat senator. But the story of Johnson’s first year in the presidency couldn’t be told without an appearance from Jackie Kennedy—that is according to Deadline, which reports that Kim Allen will play the former First Lady. Allen’s worked on several TV shows, including a stint as Kim Delaney’s daughter on Army Wives. She also starred in Shawn Christensen’s Oscar-winning short Curfew.

The publication gives a brief history of the rough treatment the presidential widow reportedly endured from LBJ after he took office: It seems he didn’t want to let her board Air Force One at times, and he was also a jerk to her brother-in-law, Attorney General (at the time) Robert Kennedy …

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