Newswire: Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer are making a show about awkward Uber rides

According to Deadline, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer are teaming up again for a scripted satirical comedy about ridesharing called Drive Share. Huebel and Scheer are the comedy duo behind Crash Test, which started as an improv show at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in Los Angeles and eventually became a series for Comedy Central in which a bunch of comedians piled onto a bus for some bits. This time around, there will be no bits on a bus, but there will be a whole lot of sharing rides: The series will follow drivers as they shuttle interesting characters all over town and will play into the kind of bizarre but relatable scenarios that often come up during Uber rides, which are rife with accidental comedy. Hopefully the series will also touch on the specific peculiarities of Uber pool rides.

The digital TV studio Insurrection Media has ordered 10 half-hour …

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