Newswire: Riverdale casts all your favorite Archie characters, assuming you have those

Riverdale—The CW’s “subversive,” live-action Archie adaptation, from superhero TV mastermind Greg Berlanti—has started filling in the members of its clean-cut teenaged cast. The all-American teen himself will be played by New Zealand actor KJ Apa, the dubiously honored winner of a four-month “Who looks the most like Archie?” talent search the network has apparently been conducting. But this version of the beloved love-triangle fulcrum isn’t some mere ginger dorkus; no, this is a hot, sexy Archie, who’s just spent the summer getting “pumped up” at his dad’s construction company, because this is The CW, where shirt sleeves and unbared midriffs are always our heroes’ true foe.

Speaking of the Andrews clan’s pater familias, Deadline is also reporting that TV veteran Luke Perry will be taking on the coveted role, a good man who hopes his son will someday take over the family business …

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