Newswire: RIP comedian Kevin Meaney

Comedian Kevin Meaney has died. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he was found unresponsive in his home on Friday.

Working the stand-up circuit for 36 years, Meaney began his career in Boston and San Francisco in the 1980s. Taking the stage in loud blazers and bow ties, he made a signature bit from a chirpy, chiding impression of his mother, which punctuated personal anecdotes about tight pants and his childhood resemblance to Wayne Newton. Interruption was a big component of Meaney’s routine—as seen in this Tonight Show clip, where the personal material is abruptly and unexpectedly derailed by a vocalist-by-vocalist lip-sync of “We Are The World.” Music was another major part of Meaney’s performances: Before he went on to appear in the stage version of Hairspray, he’d cap his sets with an a cappella showstopper expressing his indifference to bombing onstage.

Beyond stand-up, Meaney starred in …

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