Newswire: “Ring Around The Room” with Creative Adult’s Record Store Day single

Though California’s Bay Area has long been home to a fertile punk community, it’s never had as strong a link to the genre’s artsy cousin, post-punk. Rohnert Park’s Ceremony slowly grew into those slower, deliberate strokes as its career bore on, but San Francisco’s Creative Adult has had the style on lock since its inception. On April 18, as part of the annual Record Store Day celebration, the band will be releasing a new single, “Ring Around The Room,” and The A.V. Club is premiering the track in advance of its release. The song builds off guitar riffs that soar toward the heavens, while stomping drums keep the song from losing focus. The single, which is being released on Run For Cover Records, is another step in the band’s constant evolution, and another necessary addition to the ever-expanding history of Bay Area punk.

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