Newswire: Ridley Scott is producing a medical drama for CBS

In what sounds like it could easily be another X-Men show with a few tweaks, The Hollywood Reporter says that CBS is developing a medical procedural about a guy with “a neurological trait that causes him to experience other people’s sensations.” He, of course, uses this neurological trait—a real thing called mirror-touch synesthesia—to solve medical mysteries with his mentor, a “veteran neurologist” who is not Charles Xavier. The Ridley Scott-produced project is called Sensory, and it’s apparently based on the life of a guy named Dr. Joel Salinas who actually has mirror-touch synesthesia and uses it to solve a dramatic medical mystery every week. Presumably, his medical mysteries get significantly more dramatic near the end of the calendar year and around the beginning of summer, perhaps occasionally stretching into two weeks and requiring appearances from flashy guest stars. Also, there may be some sexual tension between …

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