Newswire: Ridley Scott drops a bunch of hints about his Alien plans

When last we saw Noomi Rapace’s Prometheus character, Elizabeth Shaw, she was jetting off to the stars in search of humanity’s malevolent creators, accompanied only by the detached head of morally ambiguous android David (Michael Fassbender). But while Fassbender (in the form of a new android, Walter) has been prominent in the marketing for Ridley Scott’s latest Alien movie, Covenant, there’s been no sign of Rapace or Shaw, with Katherine Waterston taking over the new movie’s heroine duties.

Now, Scott has offered up a few hints of what role Rapace’s character will hold in Covenant. When asked by Fandango whether Shaw would appear in the new film—scheduled to premiere May 19—Scott confirmed, “Yes, in a way. Not fully, but in a way. She was integral to what David carried out later.” We’re not sure exactly how to parse that, but given …

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