Newswire: Ricky Gervais can’t understand why everyone thinks he’s a shock comedian

Ricky Gervais recently took a break from Twitter flame wars about atheism in order address the “strange myth” that he leans heavily on antagonism in his act. As Gervais (correctly) recalls, he did not transgress any of the written rules of civilized society while hosting the Golden Globe Awards in 2010, 2011 or 2012. As such, according to Gervais, he can hardly be described as a “shock comedian.”

“I didn’t [say anything outrageous] at all, it was half five, it was network TV, I didn’t break any laws,” Gervais, who will be hosting the Golden Globes for a fourth time this year, told The Hollywood Reporter. “So I think it’s a strange myth that follows me around that I’m a shock comedian.”

The British writer/director/actor further explained that what some people consider “shocking” humor—like, for example, making jokes about allegedly closeted actors—is …

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