Newswire: Rick’s hometown from The Walking Dead is for sale on eBay, zombies not included

The Walking Dead is heavy with a foreboding sense of futility, the fear that everything our hardy band of survivors does to stay alive is just forestalling the inevitable. It’s a bleak, despairing worldview, and now you, too, can experience that daily sinking feeling for the low price of just $680,000—the cost on eBay of the town of Grantville, Georgia, the setting of Rick’s hometown on The Walking Dead.

Technically, you’re not buying the whole town, just the downtown, or rather, the loose assemblage of nine buildings that former Grantville Mayor and current owner Jim Sells refers to as “downtown.” Refusing to answer the question of whether he changed his last name to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, Sells purchased the buildings out of foreclosure during the recession, refurbished them, and is now looking to unload them. They were used as the setting for protagonist Rick …

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