Newswire: Rick Springfield’s butt is on trial again

Rick Springfield was in court yesterday, facing allegations that his butt caused “serious, disabling and permanent injuries” to plaintiff Vicki Calcagno while the ’80s pop star performed at a 2004 concert outside Syracuse, N.Y. According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, the case is a retrial of a 2007 suit that alleged Springfield fell into the crowd, rendering Calcagno “disoriented or unconscious for at least 10 minutes.” (Calcagno’s attorney, Kenneth Goldblatt, had suggested she probably wasn’t conked out for quite that long.) The judge presiding over the original case declared a mistrial when Penny Anne Nolin stepped forward, claiming that she was struck by Springfield’s butt at the same concert.

Nolin was called to the stand yesterday, where she testified that Springfield fell backwards, delivering a powerful ass-strike to her forehead and dropping her to her knees. Nolin claims she didn’t see Calcagno or anybody else get …

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