Newswire: Rick And Morty superfan pays $14,700 for McDonald’s Szechuan sauce

In a move that seems frankly insane until you remember that people pay the equivalent of a nice condo for old Star Wars props, Time reports that one lucky (?) Rick And Morty fan is now on the hook for $14,700 for an unopened container of McDonald’s Mulan SzeChuan teriyaki dipping sauce someone found while cleaning their car. That’s not the asking price, that’s the actual closing price, driven up by 16 eBay users in a heated bidding war. Hopefully, the winner is actually a wealthy weirdo and not some stoned college student doing it as a joke, because declaring bankruptcy over a Rick And Morty reference would be absurd (although admittedly a good story).

“I just bought a really old car, while cleaning it I found a packet of this sauce,” the seller states, not specifying whether the packet was found under the front seat or …

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