Newswire: Richard Dreyfuss is suing Disney over the profits for What About Bob?

No longer content with taking the baby steps advocated by his therapist alter-ego Dr. Leo Marvin, Richard Dreyfuss has decided that Disney doesn’t deserve the kind of gentle hand-holding that the actor has never been known for anyway. Deadline reports that the actor, along with the widow of Turner & Hooch producer Raymond Wagner, are suing the company for not letting a firm audit the studio to see what profits they might potentially be owed. What nobody seems to be noticing, however, is that What About Bob? was always a densely coded text that secretly explains Disney’s plan to strip noted actor Richard Dreyfuss of his finances.

The 1991 movie casts Bill Murray as psychiatric patient Bob Wiley (because, like Disney’s money-hungry and clever executives, he’s “wily”—you see the dominoes starting to fall already). Wiley’s desperate need for acceptance and desire to overcome his …

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