Newswire: [REDACTED] has some thoughts about that bullshit Walking Dead pulled

[Massive spoilers abound in the below discussion of the season six episode of The Walking Dead, “Head’s Up,” so don’t read any further unless you’ve already seen it or don’t care about ruining the story for yourself, which, frankly, may not be the worst thing in the world in this particular case. Nonetheless, you’ve been warned.]

If you’re a fan of AMC’s mammoth hit The Walking Dead—or if you’re a human who is aware of the existence of social media or the internet—then odds are good you’re at least tangentially conscious of the intense discussion and controversy that has arisen around the fate of Glenn. See, about a month ago, the show gave us a scene in which Nicholas blows his brains out, thereby knocking both himself and Glenn off the dumpster that was just barely keeping a zombie …

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