Newswire: Reality shatters as Trump boycotts Fox News for treating him “very unfairly”

Rending a tear in the very fabric of the space-time continuum, a fight has broken out between the country’s leading Republican presidential contender and its number-one source of right-wing propaganda. Perhaps most shocking of all, the fight isn’t a struggle to see who can make their parents roll over in their graves the fastest, though experts have noted such a battle continues to be waged. No, this is a fight over the idea that Fox News might not be as fair and balanced as it claims, which definitely comes as news to people who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1991 and are unable to form new memories, Memento-style.

Trump took to Twitter to announce a boycott of Fox News, claiming that the network has given him unfair coverage. A surprising claim, given how fairly the man with the cotton-candy-machine-swirled hairdo has treated the journalists at Fox …

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