Newswire: Read This: An interview with Lowell, from Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell

Although it carries the names of two people in its title, Sufjan Stevens’ crushingly beautiful Carrie & Lowell is mostly only about one of them: Stevens’ mother, Carrie, who abandoned him when he was a child, and who died in 2012. Her husband, Lowell Brams, is mostly a background figure on the album, with his and Carrie’s home in Eugene, Oregon, simply serving as the backdrop for the summer trips that were Stevens’ last real contact with his mother.

It’s interesting, then, that of the two, it’s Brams who’s been far more involved in the Illinois performer’s life, staying in touch with him after his divorce from his mother, and co-founding the Asthmatic Kitty record label with him in 1998. The two are friends and partners to this day, with Brams—an electronic music producer—even recording music occasionally with his one-time stepson.

It’s …

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