Newswire: Read This: A list of the rarest Star Wars action figures

It certainly isn’t news that collecting Star Wars toys is not only an enjoyable hobby, but also an expensive one. George Lucas must have foreseen this when he brokered a deal to keep the licensing and merchandising rights for himself. Earlier this month, the Star Wars faithful lined up at Targets and Wal-Marts across the galaxy to purchase action figures of characters from a movie that won’t be released for another three months. While plenty of fans are picking up these toys for their children, to make Super 8 movies with, or simply to display, some folks are hoping that by buying early and often, they’ll end up with a rare toy that will provide some serious return on investment.

Blastr ran a list of the most valuable Star Wars toys out there to coincide with September 4th’s Force Friday event. The usual suspects are present …

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