Newswire: Raw deal: Mother facing jail time for selling a bowl of ceviche on Facebook

In a country overcome by rampant gun violence, institutional racism, and the specter of electing a flaming hot Cheeto as our next president, it seems justice can still be served. According to KTXL, a Stockton, California single mother of six faces potential jail time for selling a bowl of homemade ceviche over Facebook. Wait, what?

As a member of local Facebook group 209 Food Spot, Mariza Reulas shared recipes and organized potlucks with her Northern California community. 209 Food Spot also encouraged the buying and selling of dishes, with the group’s rules stating that sellers must be “in compliance with local permitting requirements.” That wasn’t always the case, say San Joaquin County officials, who set up a “sting operation” to put a stop to the practice and, presumably, notions that buying raw fish over social media is a good idea. Unless, of course, you’re using Facebook’s …

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