Newswire: Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford apologizes for making Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit inspired a generation of chin-bearded meatheads to revel in artless anthems, flip strangers the bird, throw security-deposit-forfeiting keg parties, and generally dedicate their lives (and Blockbuster paychecks) in pursuit of the all-seeing, all-knowing “nookie.” In an upcoming interview with Rolling Stone, Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford takes credit for inspiring that “fresh Limp Bizkit sound,” and he’s not proud.

Like an ambitious Dr. Victor Frankenstein, RATM was so driven by vision and blinded by hubris, that the band failed to see it was giving birth to a mob-hounded monster. But Commerford gets it now. “I do apologize for Limp Bizkit,” the RATM bassist says. “I really do. I feel really bad that we inspired such bullshit.” By “bullshit,” he’s presumably not just apologizing or Limp Bizkit, but also their frontman’s insufferable, success-fueled personality, other shitty bands inspired by RATM (or worse, inspired directly …

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