Newswire: Raffi scolds New Pornographers for their name, A.C. Newman trolls him

As a purveyor of inoffensive children’s musical entertainment for more than 40 years, the guitar-wielding human version of the “Got your nose!” game known as Raffi has had a long time to reflect on what he considers appropriate language for children. And confarn it, he’s had it up to here (gestures to collar of festive Hawaiian shirt bearing an anthropomorphic strawberry giving the thumbs-up) with the word “pornography.” Responding to a tweet about Canadian band The New Pornographers, Raffi Cavoukian sent out his estimable judgment on the fact that, darn it all to h-e-double-hockey-sticks, that word should not be put in front of the eyes of children, artistic intent or acknowledgement that maybe things for grown-ups should also exist in this world be damned.

strongly object to that name. as bad as “food p**n” etc.

— Raffi Cavoukian (@Raffi_RC) April 18, 2017

Yes, the …

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