Newswire: R. Kelly accused of keeping young women trapped in an abusive “cult”

BuzzFeed News has published a long, harrowing read from veteran music journalist Jim DeRogatis, who’s uncovered a new crop of allegations against R. Kelly. DeRogatis has covered the saga of Kelly’s alleged sexual relationships with minors, which has more chapters than even the R&B artist’s magnum opus “Trapped In The Closet.” Now the Sound Opinions co-host reports that the singer is allegedly holding several women against their will in his homes (located in Chicago and suburban Atlanta). DeRogatis has spoken to the parents of two of these women, both of whom met Kelly while they were in their teens, who now say that they aren’t allowed to see or speak to their daughters. They describe their daughters, who are aspiring singers, as being in thrall to Kelly, and have accused him of keeping them in a cult.

The parents’ and alleged victims’ identities have been verified …

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