Newswire: R.I.P. Warren Frost, from Seinfeld and Twin Peaks

Warren Frost, a veteran stage actor best known for playing characters like Doc Hayward on Twin Peaks, and George Costanza’s stern prospective father-in-law on Seinfeld, has died. He was 91.

The father of Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost, Frost spent much of his post-War career in the theater, teaching for many years at the University of Minnesota. Although he’d occasionally work in Hollywood—showing up in the film version of Slaughterhouse Five, or the occasional small part on something like Quantum Leap—Frost didn’t achieve mainstream attention until he was cast as the kindly town doctor in David Lynch and his son’s zeitgeist-defining cult mystery. The father of Lara Flynn Boyle’s Donna, Frost’s Doc Hayward lent a folksy charm to the world of Twin Peaks, even as he presented a clearly befuddled face to the evil lurking under the town’s placid exterior.

Frost …

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