Newswire: R.I.P. Taylor Negron, comedian, writer, and self-described “That Guy”

Plenty of actors make a comfortable living by repeatedly racking up roles that earn them the description of “That Guy,” but not many are as comfortable with that living as Taylor Negron was.

Negron, who died on Saturday at age 57 after a lengthy battle with cancer (as confirmed by his cousin, Three Dog Night vocalist Chuck Negron, in a brief but emotional statement), was known variously for his work as a stand-up comedian, director, essayist, playwright, painter, and game-show guest. To mainstream audiences, however, Negron was most frequently recognized either because he was “that guy who was on that show that time” or because he was “that guy in that movie they used to show on cable all the time,” and whichever of those two scenarios came into play, the end result was generally the realization that Negron ”the guy who was in that other thing, too.”

This is …

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