Newswire: R.I.P. Stan Freberg, legendary satirist

Stan Freberg—a multitalented satirist whose reach extended to advertising, radio skits, TV puppet shows musical parody records, and classic cartoons—has died at the age of 88. Freberg’s death was announced today on Facebook by his son Donovan and later confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, who notes that Freberg died of natural causes.

For much of the 1950s and ’60s, Freberg was one of the nation’s most popular comic voices, thanks to a gentle irreverence that—though he occasionally aimed it at politicians, and thought of himself as a “guerrilla satirist”—mostly tracked in a sort of loving goofiness. He first got into the act as an actual cartoon, voicing numerous characters for Warner Bros. from the time he was right out of high school.

Freberg could be heard alongside Mel Blanc in numerous Looney Tunes, as when the two paired up to play the mice Hubie …

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