Newswire: R.I.P. Raging Bull star and victims’ rights advocate Theresa Saldana

Actress Theresa Saldana—best known for her roles in Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award-winning boxing drama Raging Bull, and as Michael Chiklis’ wife on five seasons of The Commishhas died. An advocate for victim’s rights, whose own story of stalking-related trauma inspired her to found an organization devoted to helping other survivors of violence, Saldana was 61.

Acting since she was 12, Saldana came to prominence in the late ’70s, with roles in Robert Zemeckis’ Beatlemania movie I Wanna Hold Your Hand, and the 1978 vigilante thriller Defiance. In 1980, Martin Scorsese cast her as Lenora LaMotta, the fiery wife of Joe Pesci’s character Joey, in his adaptation of Raging Bull. Sparring verbally with Robert De Niro’s bellicose boxer Jake, she held her own against the force of De Niro’s cinematic rage:

Unfortunately, Saldana’s on-screen charisma also caught the attention of Scottish drifter Arthur …

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