Newswire: R.I. P. Michael Blake, writer of Dances With Wolves

Deadline reports that Academy Award-winning screenwriter Michael Blake died May 2nd in Tucson, Arizona after a long bout with illness. He was 69.

Blake is perhaps best known for his screenplay for Dances With Wolves, which garnered him an Oscar win in 1990; Blake adapted the screenplay from his 1988 novel of the same name. It was Kevin Costner—who had previously starred in the Blake-penned Stacey’s Knights—who convinced the screenwriter to pen Dances With Wolves and adapt the screenplay himself. Costner directed and starred in the film adaptation, which won not only the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, but also Best Director for Costner and Best Picture. Costner later commissioned Blake to write two other screenplays, The Mick and The One.

Michael Blake studied journalism at the University of New Mexico, as well as film in Berkley, California. In addition to writing, Blake engaged in several humanitarian …

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