Newswire: R.I.P. longtime A.V. Club commenters E. Buzz Miller and Miss Anthropy

Sad news from within The A.V. Club community, as two longtime commenters and mainstays of the site have died. E. Buzz Miller died this weekend from heart failure, and Miss Anthropy died on May 5 of unspecified causes. Each were mainstays of the comments section for years, and each exemplified what makes our community of readers special. Together they were part of an initial core of commenters that set a high bar for discourse on the site, and helped make The A.V. Club a welcome place for discussion.

While he was quieter in recent years, E. Buzz Miller was always knowledgeable, quick-witted, and willing to jump into a thoughtful discussion on any topic. His knowledge of obscure pop culture was astounding, but he was also open in talking about his struggles with depression, and gave advice and comfort to fellow commenters struggling with the same issues. Longtime readers …

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