Newswire: R.I.P. Lisa Simon, Sesame Street director and producer

As reported by multiple sources, Emmy-winning director and producer Lisa Simon died on April 4. A behind-the-scenes fixture on Sesame Street since the show’s early days, Simon was 64.

Described by author Michael Davis as “one of Sesame Street‘s first homegrown masters of the craft of kids entertainment,” Simon began her tenure at the show with a summer job taken during her studies at New York City’s Hunter College. Originally serving as a production assistant—a position whose duties included supervising the children who appeared onscreen alongside Sesame Street‘s human and Muppet stars—Simon was taken under the wings of several key Sesame figures, including writer-director Jon Stone, executive producer Dulcy Singer, and stage-managing twins Chet and Mortimer O’Brien. At the encouragement of producer Lu Horne, Simon stuck with the production after that first summer, completing her communications degree at night. She later became an …

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