Newswire: R.I.P. John Blackwell Jr., former drummer for Prince

As reported by Billboard, longtime Prince drummer John Blackwell Jr. has died. Blackwell was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors a little over a year ago, causing him to lose the use of one arm and leg, and he had been undergoing treatment since then. He was 43.

At the end of June, Blackwell’s wife posted an update about his health on his Instagram and thanked his fans for their support:

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News of Blackwell’s death also came from his wife through an Instagram post, saying that he “passed away peacefully.”

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Blackwell was born in South Carolina in 1973, and his father—who was also a musician—taught him how to play drums when he was just a kid. He reportedly experienced synesthesia and had perfect pitch, and he started playing at jazz clubs when he was just a teenager. He later attended Berklee College Of …

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