Newswire: R.I.P. Jimmy Breslin, author and columnist

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author Jimmy Breslin has died of complications from pneumonia. He was 88.

Breslin was best known for the way he’d highlight the stories of “regular,” working-class New Yorkers who would otherwise fade into the background of bigger news events. He covered the AIDS epidemic in the ‘80s by telling the story of one man dying of the disease, for example, and he wrote about the death of John Lennon from the perspective of a cop on duty that night who happened to be a lifelong Beatles fan. One of his most famous pieces was a 1963 profile of Clifton Pollard, the man tasked with digging John F. Kennedy’s grave on the morning of his funeral.

Breslin was born in Queens in 1928, and his early columns were based on stories he’d pick up from people in bars. As …

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