Newswire: R.I.P. Jack Chick, comics scaremonger

Jack Chick, the prolific comics artist and publisher whose paranoid and hate-filled tracts were a subject of perverse fascination for generations of Americans, died this past Sunday, according to a Facebook post by his company. He was 92.

The reclusive king of the scaremongers, Chick railed against everything from gay rights and Dungeons & Dragons to Freemasonry and the Catholic church—which he believed instigated the Holocaust, the Russian Revolution, and the Civil War—in formulaic and often repetitive mini-comics peppered with apocalyptic predictions and ethnic stereotypes.

Global Warming, 2001 (Image: Jack T. Chick LLC)

For a long time, very little was known about Chick’s life, to the point that his name was sometimes incorrectly assumed to be a pseudonym. Born and raised in California, Chick was a World War II veteran and aspiring actor when he reportedly underwent a religious conversion while listening to an episode of The …

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