Newswire: R.I.P. George A. Romero

According to The Los Angeles Times (via The Hollywood Reporter), iconic writer-director George A. Romero—director of Night Of The Living Dead and the man who effectively created the modern zombie genre—has died. Romero’s family confirmed to The L.A. Times that he died in his sleep after a “brief but aggressive” battle with lung cancer. He was 77.

After a copyright mistake prevented Romero from making much money off of the wildly popular Night Of The Living Dead, he decided to return to its universe for a number of sequels and follow-ups like 1978’s Dawn Of The Dead, 1985’s Day Of The Dead, and the 2005 revival Land Of The Dead. Beyond the regular horror thrills, Romero’s films were probably best known for casually sliding social commentary into the action, utilizing the shambling undead as metaphors for everything from consumerism to the military.

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