Newswire: R.I.P. Douglas Slocombe, cinematographer for Ealing and Indiana Jones

Douglas Slocombe, the gifted British cinematographer whose career spanned from the classics of the Ealing Studios to the Indiana Jones movies, has died. A three-time Oscar nominee, Slocombe was a protean, old-school visual craftsman who remained prolific in (and past) the New Hollywood era of film-school-trained cinematographers. He was 103.

Born in London but raised in France, Slocombe started out as a photojournalist for Paris-Match and Life, and documented the Nazi invasion of Poland as a newsreel cameraman in 1939. In the middle of an attempted escape, Slocombe’s train was machine-gunned, forcing him to instead make his way into Latvia on horseback, from where he made his way to Sweden, and finally to the U.K.

He began working with Ealing as part of the war effort, and soon rose to become one of the iconic British studio’s premier cinematographers, lensing such classics as Dead Of Night, Kind …

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