Newswire: R.I.P. Clyde Stubblefield, “The World’s Most Sampled Drummer”

Rolling Stone reports that Clyde Stubblefield, a professional session drummer who produced one of the most sampled clips in the history of music, has died. Born in Tennessee, Stubblefield was entirely self-taught, touring with Eddie Kirkland and Otis Redding before eventually hooking up with James Brown in 1965. Stubblefield would play with Brown and his band—including fellow drummer “Jabo” Starks, who he’d continue to collaborate with for decades under the name Funkmasters—for six years. During that time, Stubblefield’s drumming on albums like Cold Sweat and I Got The Feelin’ helped to define the rhythms and sounds of funk; he also laid down a track that would come to define the sound of ’80s hip-hop, as well.

The song in question was “Funky Drummer,” recorded in 1969, and featuring an extended solo in which Stubblefield plays an eight-beat rhythm of statistically proven force. (To quote Brown’s …

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