Newswire: R.I.P. Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy, the comedian who emerged from the shadow of his famous brother Eddie to become a popular stand-up and writer in his own right, has died, TMZ reports. According to his manager, Murphy died earlier today at a New York City hospital, where he had been undergoing treatment for leukemia. The death came as a shock, report family members, because Murphy’s condition appeared to be improving. He was 57.

After spending the ’80s traveling the world with his superstar younger brother and working behind the scenes with the hip-hop group K-9 Posse, Murphy began acting in the early ‘90s, including a lead role in the 1993 hip-hop parody film CB4. But he first broke through to a wider audience as a cast member on Chappelle’s Show, where he re-enacted his own misadventures in the recurring—and highly quotable— “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories” sketches.

During Chappelle …

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