Newswire: R.I.P. Bob Elliott of comedy duo Bob And Ray

Bob Elliott, one half of the comedy duo Bob And Ray, has died at age 92. With his late partner, Ray Goulding, who died in 1990, Elliott spent decades perfecting a specific kind of humor: bone-dry, low-key, often bracingly dark, and completely absurd and surreal. Bob And Ray’s countless characters are capable of saying the most ridiculous things in the most matter-of-fact way, whether they’re describing a preposterous business plan, nattering on about a silly and impractical hobby, or trying to sort out the details of an incredibly convoluted soap opera plot. The duo’s influence can be felt on The Simpsons, in the comedy of David Letterman, and in TV sitcoms and sketchcoms too numerous to count.

Though they branched out into other media, including television, live theater, and even film, Bob And Ray truly made their mark in the radio. There are so many hours of …

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