Newswire: R.I.P. Austin Kalish, veteran sitcom writer

Austin “Rocky” Kalish, a giant in the world of TV comedy, has died at the age of 95, Deadline reports. Kalish had a three-decade career as a sitcom writer, and was equally adept at silly and serious. Early in his career, he co-wrote the pilot for Gilligan’s Island, and had a hand in creating the show’s characters, although he received neither credit nor royalties. He wrote for a slew of other ’60s sitcoms, including My Favorite Martian, F Troop, Family Affair, and My Three Sons.

But Kalish would do some of his best work writing for Norman Lear’s issue-oriented comedies in the ’70s. He wrote some of All In The Family’s most powerful dramatic episodes, including “Gloria The Victim,” in which Sally Struther’s character survives a rape attempt, and “Edith’s Christmas Story,” in which Edith has a cancer scare. He also wrote the still-talked-about …

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