Newswire: R.I.P. Alex Rocco, character actor from The Godfather and The Simpsons

Character actor Alex Rocco has died, according to a post on his daughter’s Facebook page—and then reported by Variety. No cause of death has been given. Rocco was 79.

Though he’s probably still best remembered for his role in The Godfather, Rocco was a popular character actor who had been consistently getting work since the ‘60s. His IMDB page lists over 160 credits, so even someone who doesn’t know his name probably knows his face, and they definitely know his gravelly voice—which made his handful of jobs as a voice actor instantly memorable, from Thorny the ant in A Bug’s Life to Roger Meyers Jr. on The Simpsons.

Rocco was born in Massachusetts, and as a young man he became loosely involved in Boston’s organized crime scene and eventually ended up in prison. As he explained in this classic Random Roles interview, he …

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