Newswire: Quincy Jones says Michael Jackson’s estate owes him $30 million

Quincy Jones was one of Michael Jackson’s most prominent and longstanding collaborators—the legendary record producer was behind some of the late pop icon’s greatest albums, including Off The Wall and Thriller. Their partnership is obviously an important chapter in both their careers, but that story just got a little complicated thanks to—what else?—money.

In 2013, Jones filed suit against Jackson’s estate, which is overseen by attorney John Branca and a music insider John McClain (not that one), alleging that he was owed $30 million in unpaid royalties. The case went to trial today, where Jones’ lawyers argued that their client hadn’t received a proportionate share of the royalties since Jackson’s death. Meanwhile, the defense deployed a substitute teacher’s strategy and showed a clip from a movie. Okay, so the video was actually pertinent to the proceedings–it was from the 2009 …

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