Newswire: Quentin Tarantino promises he’s still thinking about that Forty Lashes Less One adaptation

Quentin Tarantino has announced the latest project that he will talk about and then possibly never make. (See: Kill Bill: Volume 3. Oh wait, you can’t, because it’s not a movie) Now, according to /Film, he’s talking about making an adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel Forty Lashes Less One for television. In an interview with the French magazine Premiere, Tarantino said he still owns the rights to the book, which he has “wanted to adapt for a while,” and that “the time may have come to tackle it.”

Forty Lashes Less One tells the story of Raymond San Carlos and Harold Jackson, two men accused of murder and held in the hellish Yuma Prison. Race, crime, and violence are all themes in the novel, making it just the kind of stuff Tarantino loves. The filmmaker’s Forty Lashes Less One project has been rumored since 2000 …

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