Newswire: Queen Elizabeth is just like the rest of us, likes to nitpick dumb crap on TV

It turns out that, despite being the monarch of millions of people (and one of the battle-scarred claimants of The Iron Throne), Elizabeth Windsor, queen of England, is just like the rest of us. That is, on her downtime from waving practice and toning up the stiffness of her firm upper lip, she apparently likes to relax in front of the TV, watching like an eagle-eyed, fancy-hatted hawk for dumb mistakes from the show’s production staff. The Queen’s subject of choice—not wholly surprising, given the above average number of scepters she interacts with in her day-to-day life—is Downton Abbey, a show that for many people offers a glimpse of unattainable opulence, but for Elizabeth is presumably the equivalent of Everybody Loves Raymond.

According to biographer Brian Hoey, who recently talked to People about his new book At Home With The Queen, the monarch takes great pleasure …

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