Newswire: Pull the strings of a previously unreleased track from The Fresh & Onlys

With a new Early Years Anthology on the way, it’s high time to appreciate The Fresh & Onlys. A San Francisco band that’s been around for seven years but that has released quite a few excellent garage LPs, The Fresh & Onlys are an underappreciated act in the face of today’s rock glut. The group’s latest—the aforementioned Anthology, a collection of previously unreleased work—is out August 31 on John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records. (The group’s self-titled debut LP is also being reissued that day.) Get a taste of what the group was up to in the late ‘00s with “I’m A Puppet,” which The A.V. Club is streaming exclusively below. Sounding like a mix of modern riffage and ‘60s call and response pop, “I’m A Puppet” is one of those earworm tracks that will be stuck in your head …

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